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Plumbing Installation Services

As soon as our set of triplets (all girls!!) were fully mobile, it became abundantly clear that we needed a bathroom dedicated to their daily upkeep. The folks at PBNhq sent out a team equal to our challenges and they had our back every step of the way, fully understanding our unique needs and vision for a triple-sized bathroom that would grow with our girls. Their attention to detail and long-sighted planning more than met our expectations. From colour coded sets of three towel and robe hooks to a space-saving triple sink unit with storage galore to the suggestion of adorable personalized step stools that our pint-sized beauty queens could use until they were tall enough to reach the sinks on their own…the enthusiasm, creativity and skill exhibited by these professionals was unbelievable. And that was just the design element. They also made sure the plumbing system was up to the challenge of three sets of long hair and all the bath products necessary to keep three growing princesses looking their best. The girls are now fast approaching adolescence, and their bathroom is keeping right up with their growing demands. Boy are we glad now that PBNhq insisted on interfacing with the electricians to make sure there were enough safe outlets for all those blow dryers and straightening irons!

Mary Jane Mitchell

Even the most hard-working, quality plumbing systems will eventually show the wear and tear of use and age. When you put your trust and your properties’ plumbing needs in PBNhq Plumbing you can rest assured that we will make every effort to repair and maintain your existing plumbing systems before we begin to suggest that it might be more prudent and cost effective to replace portions or entire drainage and pipe systems. We hear the same stories you do about disreputable plumbers ripping out perfectly salvageable systems and “upselling” the newest and most expensive systems on the market. We are not remotely interested in making our money this way, preferring to maintain customers for the long haul rather than ripping them off once.

If our conscientious plumbers evaluate your plumbing repair issues and decide it is in your best interest to replace some or all of your home or business system, we have an impressive inventory of the best quality, as well as the most budget-wise, innovative and environmentally sensitive plumbing systems on today’s market. Older iron or other metal pipe and drainage systems weigh much more than they need to, posing asometimes-needless strain on the infrastructure of your property. In addition, they can be nearly impossible to patch, tend to “sweat” in warm weather posing a water damage threat, and eventually corrode, causing decreased water purity, a metallic taste and lower water pressure. PBNhq sells and installs many popular brands of plastic piping that is lightweight, non-corrosive and is easy to install and maintain.

We invite you to call us anytime you are need of any or all of our RIMI menu of Plumbing Services.