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Emergency Plumbing Services

As soon as our set of triplets (all girls!!) were fully mobile, it became abundantly clear that we needed a bathroom dedicated to their daily upkeep. The folks at PBNhq sent out a team equal to our challenges and they had our back every step of the way, fully understanding our unique needs and vision for a triple-sized bathroom that would grow with our girls. Their attention to detail and long-sighted planning more than met our expectations. From colour coded sets of three towel and robe hooks to a space-saving triple sink unit with storage galore to the suggestion of adorable personalized step stools that our pint-sized beauty queens could use until they were tall enough to reach the sinks on their own…the enthusiasm, creativity and skill exhibited by these professionals was unbelievable. And that was just the design element. They also made sure the plumbing system was up to the challenge of three sets of long hair and all the bath products necessary to keep three growing princesses looking their best. The girls are now fast approaching adolescence, and their bathroom is keeping right up with their growing demands. Boy are we glad now that PBNhq insisted on interfacing with the electricians to make sure there were enough safe outlets for all those blow dryers and straightening irons!

Mary Jane Mitchell

As a home and/or business owner, few situations in life are as stressful as the sudden and alarming knowledge that your plumbing system has broken down and water, or worse even, sewage is running uncontrolled through your property. This stress can be amplified when an urgent out of hours phone call to a plumber is greeted with an automated message, unhelpful call service desk (“please give me your name and number and I will forward it to the Plumber”) or judgmental, overworked company receptionist(“We’re booked for two days straight and have emergencies that are much more serious than yours sounds like!”)

At PBNhq we treat each and every phone call, emergency or not, with a sense of urgency that is instilled in all of our employees, from our emergency phone service, to support staff, to our highly trained, certified and experienced plumber. We will never belittle your plumbing issues or tell you about other emergencies that are “more important” than yours. Professionalism and unrivalled customer service standards form the foundation of our business upon which our excellent reputation,earned by decades of consistent, expedient and expert plumbing servicesare built upon, always reaching for new heights in cutting edge technology, methodology and equipment.

Our Emergency plumbing services include:

  • Uncontrolled Basement Leaks: If you have a pipe that is spouting water or sewage and your shut-off valve isn’t working, our emergency phone service will dispatch an on-call plumber within the hour, no matter the time of day or day of the week. Our plumber will arrive with an accurate estimate, based on the conversation you’ve had with our knowledgeable phone staff as well as the tools, equipment and expertise to resolve your leak as expediently as possible. Once there, if they find they need additional help, our plumbers are one quick call away from our dedicated support staff who can expedite and dispatch additional manpower and/or equipment immediately.
  • Frozen and/or Burst Pipes: Oftentimes, when a cold snap in the weather occurs, plumbers can soon experience and overwhelming demand for their services and experience severe delays in their ability to remedy the urgent home and business emergencies that result from frozen pipes, never mind the catastrophic damage that burst pipes can wreak. At PBNhq Plumbing, we take a preventative attitude to these weather crises, paying strict attention to local weather reports and making sure we have extra staff on call to handle increased demand from subzero temps.
  • Active Leaks in Ceilings, Floors and Walls: There is nothing worse than witnessing the damage an active and unstoppable leak can do to ceilings, floors and walls. The sudden appearance of a bulge, wet spots or a breakthrough of running water through your property’s infrastructure demands an emergency call that needs to be responded to in the most expedient manner humanly possible. Count on PBNhq Plumbing to answer your urgent call for help and provide the emergency help you need within the hour.
  • Non-Functioning Shower, Tub or Sink Faucets, Accompanied by the Sound of Running Water: When you turn on a faucet, get no water, but mysteriously can hear it running, you need to turn off the faucet immediately (hopefully stopping the water flow) and call PBNhq Plumbing for immediate service. Unseen water that can be heard is never an issue to be ignored as it will eventually make an appearance somewhere in your home or business where it is not wanted. We have the equipment, professional methods and investigative know-how to detect unseen water sources with minimally invasive techniques that result in maximum positive resolution!
  • Water That is Dripping Through Lighting Fixtures or Other Electrics: If you can safely do so, turn off the affected electrics and call PBNhq with this highly dangerous emergency. We work with trusted electricians in just these circumstances and will be able to send both specialists out asap to rectify this property crisis.
  • Raw Sewage Leaks or Floods: The presence of sewage in your home or business property is always a health emergency, and always needs to be evaluated and treated by professionals. Let the experienced plumbers and support staff at PBNhq come to your immediate rescue, giving you professional advice and results that will protect your home, loved ones; business and clients.

Whether you are currently experiencing any of the above plumbing emergencies or have a unique emergency plumbing challenge, please do not hesitate to call our 24/7/365 emergency phone service. PBNhq can stop plumbing emergencies within the hour!