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PBNhq Plumbing Services

For a “Sense of Urgency” Response to all Your Plumbing Emergencies!

We’ve built our business on 24/7/365 emergency plumbing services that give you immediate results and added peace of mind, and we don’t judge what you consider a plumbing emergency – we RESPOND!

Welcome To The Best Plumbing Services in brisbane

Our Mission

If you have a plumbing emergency that requires a “sense of urgency”, please do not hesitate to call our 24/7/365 emergency phone service.

Our call staff are all knowledgeable full-time employees who “walk the talk” when it comes to all things plumbing; not just disembodied, disinterested or disgruntled voices, robotically taking down your name and number without offering you the least bit of resolution or relief to your plumbing crisis.

Our Vision

We are always ready, willing and able to resolve all of your emergency plumbing needs, regardless of the time of day or day of the week, but we’d also really like to add you to our list of satisfied maintenance contract customers, who can rest easier, safe in the knowledge that whatever surprises, big or small that their plumbing system may have in store for them throughout the year, they are covered for labor and parts, according to their specific annual repair and maintenance needs.

Have Any Plumbing Problems?

Our experts will solve them in no time.

Trusted Professional Plumbers…

Once you have spoken in detail to our responsive call staff, a plumber will arrive at your home or business within the hour, prepared with an accurate estimate, that he can explain in laymen’s terms, as well as any special tools, parts and equipment he needs for the job.

Once involved in the actual hands-on work, if unexpected or new developments become apparent, our plumbers also have a dedicated support staff only a phone call away who can send in additional technicians, tools and parts should the need arise. We take great pride in our well-oiled machine and systems of check and balance, and are quite sure, once you have experienced the PBNhq high standard of customer service, that you will appreciate it as well.

Dedicated Team

24/7 Emergency services

Check out our list of services for your plumbing needs:

Plumbing Installation Services

Even the most hard-working, quality plumbing systems will eventually show the wear and tear of use and age. When you put your trust and your properties’ plumbing needs in PBNhq Plumbing you can rest assured that we will make every effort to repair

Plumbing Repair Services

Like the circulatory “plumbing” system in our own bodies, any degree of slowdown or blockage in your home or business drains and pipes shouldn’t be ignored as they can quickly upgrade from a nuisance problem to a property infrastructure disaster.

Emergency Plumbing Services

As a home and/or business owner, few situations in life are as stressful as the sudden and alarming knowledge that your plumbing system has broken down and water, or worse even, sewage is running uncontrolled through your property.

Other Services

  • We also look forward to all of your plumbing upgrades, home improvements and design challenges! Our talented, personable and creative design team are here to help you as much, or as little as you need to make all of your kitchen and bathroom dreams an attractive and functional reality.
  • Whether its finally adding that extra bathroom in the finished basement, upgrading a tired kitchen sink with the latest innovations in faucet technology including boiling water tap options to streamline cooking and hot beverage prep, or going the whole nine yards and designing kitchens and bathrooms for your newly constructed dream home, we have the skilled staff and trained technicians and specialists to implement all your plumbing design and installation requirements.
  • We work well with others too! When you contract with PBNhq Plumbing you never have to worry about coordinating our jobs with other construction elements. We will interface with electricians, construction teams and other interior and exterior specialists so the job gets done right the first time without costly delays and senseless modifications due to poor planning.
  • It goes without saying, that we offer this comprehensive menu of services to commercial upgrades and development as well. We have plumbers and technicians on staff dedicated to the business property side of our business and they are specially trained, certified and bonded to work in commercial and industrial settings of any size or complexity.

Did you get your pipes frozen? Or maybe, your faucets are no longer working?

Our experts will solve them in no time

What our clients say

Anthony Reardon

I run a fast-paced chain of budget-friendly hair salons, and between them all, we probably average 300 customers a day! In terms of plumbing this means 300 heads of hair that are washed and rinsed, dyed, permed, straightened and rinsed again. It also means that our staff and customer bathrooms are in constant use.

Bottom line: I can’t keep the doors open unless I have running water, drains that are clog free despite a constant barrage of hair and hair product, faucets that don’t drip away my razor-thin profits and toilets that are in optimal running order. PBNhq Plumbing is my trade secret in keeping my bottom line running smoothly.

Needless to say, we have a maintenance contract with them that is worth its weight in gold! I’ve never had an instance where I called with an emergency that it wasn’t responded to within the hour with professionalism, neatness and respect for my livelihood. I never knew when I started out in this business that plumbers are a hairstylist’s best friend.